Risk Management

Risk Control Services

With our deep industry knowledge and expertise gained from over 30 years of experience in our Program classes of business, we are positioned to provide specialized solutions to reduce potential business interruptions, minimize risks, and reduce the frequency and severity of claims.
NIP Group’s Proprietary Risk Control Learning Management System (LMS) is available to every insured and broker partner.

  • Each Insured has its own LMS platform
  • Unlimited access to hundreds of online training modules with expert content addressing employment liability, OSHA and Safety compliance, Driver Safety, and many other high-risk areas.
  • All online and in-person training can be tracked and records maintained for OSHA and other agency compliance
  • Each Insured’s claim information is available for review and to compare to industry standards
  • Risk Control Surveys and Assessments are available to ensure continued best practices
  • Industry specific safety resources including policies, procedures, inspection forms, presentations, toolbox talks, and safety bulletins can be reviewed and downloaded
  • Stewardship reports can be generated through the automated system.
  • Access to a resource library holding thousands of employment-related and workplace best practices articles
  • Company specific records, forms, and other resources can be uploaded into the system to create a master resource center for the organization.
Tailored Risk Control Services

  • Expert Risk Control staff respond based on request, loss performance, KPI triggers and underwriting reviews
  • Consultative visits are scheduled to provide training, perform inspections, and identify risk
  • Industry specific safety bulletins are issued on a regular basis to educate insureds
  • Proprietary predictive modeling is used to identify accounts that need assistance, resulting in a proactive vs. reactive services model
  • Other services provided include:
    • Underwriting/Risk Evaluation
    • Loss Analysis/Root Cause Analysis
    • HR Review
    • Contract Review
    • Job Site Surveys
    • Driver Training Programs
    • Accident investigation training
    • OSHA training
    • Manager-Supervisor training
    • Commercial Package training materials including fire/sprinkler maintenance, hail and hurricane preparation, and more depending on geographical location and interest
For more information, contact Anthony Ven Graitis at 732-593-9184 or avengraitis@nipgroup.com.
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