NIP Programs claims are currently handled by our Carrier partners. NIP Programs has dedicated claims resources to guide the overall claims process and help achieve the best possible result. We have instituted a streamlined approach to claims handling, and work daily with our Carriers to ensure that claims are managed quickly, courteously and professionally.
NIP Programs Carrier partners provide the following services:
  • Dedicated claim reporting phone lines and email addresses, staffed 24/7
  • Designated teams of claim adjusters to handle program claims
  • Unwavering pursuit of subrogation/third party recoveries
  • Notice of catastrophic claims
  • Established Litigation Management Guidelines
  • Trend identification and sharing
  • Medical Provider Network
NIP Programs Value Added Claims Services: 
  • Twice yearly Carrier audit conducted by NIP Programs’ team of seasoned professionals
  • Quarterly telephonic claim reviews
  • Regular data analysis to identify trends
  • Dedicated NIP Programs liaison to address any claim-related issue
  • Consistent, quality interaction with Carrier claim supervisors
  • Vehicle accident reporting kit.  To request a vehicle accident reporting kit, please choose one of the following two options:
    • Download a blank kit
    • Request a kit pre-printed with your policy information. Click here

Claims Reporting

Claims should be reported within 24 hours of occurrence whenever possible
To report a claim for a GrowPro policy:
Phone: 866-391-9675
Fax: 800-393-8104
To report a claim for all other policies:
Phone: 888-560-5478
Fax: 866-840-0210
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