March 06

Severe Weather Tips for Greenhouse Growing Businesses

Now that the weather is finally starting to warm up, we can begin to enjoy all of the wonderful things summer has to bring. However, summer comes with some pretty unpredictable storms and weather patterns. While we can’t always predict when, where, or how hard these natural disasters will hit, there are a number of precautions that can be taken to ensure your business stays safe. By following these tips, one can help mitigate the risk associated with greenhouse structure and business.

  • Prepare: Always have an emergency procedure in place for the protection and safety of all employees and property. Instructions, safety guidelines, and the chain of command must be clear. All drills should be reviewed and practiced every quarter.
  • Tornadoes and Heavy Rain: If you are located in a heavy tornado area, be sure to consult with a structural engineer before buying new structures. While your building codes may fit your state’s standards, it may not be offering you the most protection. Rain storms also pose as a serious threat to greenhouses. High winds and flash floods can cause a great deal of damage.
  • Hail: Polyethylene film roofs that are hit by hail may break due to impact, which can cause a number of problems. Broken glass may fall and cause injury, so it is vital to remove the glass as soon as possible, as well as repairing any holes in the roof’s structure.

Greenhouses are especially susceptible to damage, as they are large structures covered in glass. While these is nothing we can do to control the weather, knowing how to react is one of the most effective tools to helping prevent or minimalize damages. Make sure you’ve done everything to protect your business by visiting GrowPro.

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