March 27

Managing Exposure While Cleaning With Chemicals

Facility cleaning crews work with a variety of cleaning solutions for the myriad of surfaces that need to be maintained in a school, office building, or other facility to keep the grounds sanitary. The chemicals being used are highly toxic and can easily cause illness or injury if inhaled, ingested, or contact with the skin is made.

This being the case, the team at MaintenancePro, an insurance program designed for the facility cleaning and maintenance services industry, recognizes the fact that safe practices need to be employed in order to ensure the safety of a facility cleaning crew.

Safety measures that can be utilized to mitigate risks from chemical exposure include:

  • Warning workers not to mix cleaning products that contain bleach and ammonia
  • Making sure that workers know which cleaning chemicals must be diluted and how to correctly dilute the cleaners they are using
  • Thoroughly reviewing and training workers on the use, storage and emergency spill procedures for cleaning chemicals
  • Reviewing the proper protective equipment needed, such as gloves and goggles, and providing the proper protective equipment to the workers using the cleaning product
  • Ensuring that all containers of cleaning products and chemicals are labeled to identify their contents and hazards
  • Operating ventilation systems as needed during cleaning tasks to allow sufficient air flow and prevent buildup of hazardous vapors
  • Providing workers with a place to wash up after using cleaning chemicals

Employing these practices provided by OSHA is an effective way to manage the exposure of facility cleaning workers who work with hazardous chemicals on a daily basis. The training and preventative measures should be sufficient in lessening the chance of an accident. Should an accident occur, it’s beneficial to the business to have a program in place that is designed with the unique needs of facility cleaning and maintenance service professionals in mind.

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