March 04

Fall Protection For Billboard Workers

Billboard workers face dangers day to day in their line of work. Many billboards around the country have workers towering over the ground with a well over 100 foot drops. Injury or death from falling is the greatest exposure billboard companies face in the outdoor advertising line of business.

SignagePro, an insurance program designed for the specific needs of sign, display, and awning manufacturing, installation, and servicing, knows mitigating this exposure should be a top priority for any billboard owning company. Fortunately, there have been astounding improvements in accident prevention relating to workers whose occupation bring them to high places with high risk of falling. Training in fall protection and fall retrieval has been fostered by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration since 2003 and has proven beneficial in multiple incidents.

In Stratford, Connecticut on April 21, 2004, two men working on a pair of billboards, 60 feet above the ground, were not harmed when one of the billboard’s supports buckled and the signs toppled to the ground. Both men were wearing harnesses, in accordance with OSHA’s rules, that prevented them from falling from the structure.

On May 25, 2004, a gust of wind sent a man working on a billboard off the sign’s platform in Erie, Pennsylvania. He was wearing a safety harness that prevented him from falling more than 100 feet to the ground. The harness held him in place, 15 feet below the platform, until a bucket truck was able to reach the employee and transport him to the ground.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Fall protection and fall retrieval training kept these workers from serious injury or death. It can happen to any billboard worker at anytime by no fault of their own. Whether it is caused by a support buckling or a gust of wind, falls can be prevented by wearing the right equipment. Any company involved in the servicing of billboards should be employing these fall protection and training practices.

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