June 11

Starting Off In The Electrical Trade

So you’ve just finished training to be an electrician and are ready to go out into the work force. Chances are that you’re going to go work for an experienced electric company to pick up more industry know-how and learn even more about the trade out in the field.

Whether you work for a local union, an electrical company, or a single electrician in business for themselves, make sure to go into the job with safety in mind. Remember to read the employee handbook if one is provided as the job site rules will surely be listed in the contents of that book. If there is no employee handbook provided, suggest to the foreman that one be created and distributed to all electricians in the company.

Examples of the most basic precautions of electrical work are as follows:

  • Carry a first aid kit in your tool box.
  • Maintain all tools in like new operating condition.
  • Report selective tools to your supervisor.
  • Tag out defective equipment so others will not use them.
  • Replace personal tools as needed.
  • Verify GFCI protection works for all power circuits.
  • Avoid hazardous work positions above and below ground.
  • Use protective gear appropriate to the environment.
  • Clean up work area before, during and after work.
  • Lock out disconnects when working on equipment.
  • Operate equipment according to manufacturer’s directions.
  • Treat minor injuries properly. Report all injuries.
  • Lift heavy material properly. Seek help as needed.
  • De-energize circuits while making repairs to avoid electric shock.
  • Observe fellow employees for safety compliance.
  • Do not wear loose or excessive jewelry.
  • Proper footwear is mandatory.
  • Leave any job site to avoid injury when you are concerned.
  • Position load in vehicles to avoid injury due to load shifts.

Safety precautions written by ElectricianEducation.com – http://www.electricianeducation.com/safety/electrician_safety_rules.htm

Above all else make sure the electrical contractor that you begin working for is insured. Having insurance is a must for any type of contractor, electricians included. Programs like PowerPro, an insurance package designed for the unique needs of electricians, provide a tailor made coverage that protects the business and workers’ comp which protects its employees.

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