June 04

Keeping Plumbing Assistants Safe

Hiring assistants for the professional plumbers involved in a business is a great way to increase productivity when the amount of work is really starting to pick up. It tends to happen in the summer months when students are off of school and home from college and need a temporary summer job to save up some money for the school year.

Sending helpers out to assist the experts is a great to increase productivity, but it should always be noted that the temporary hired help aren’t professional artisans like the seasoned plumbers. Temporary hires pose an extra helping of risk and exposure on the job site as they lack the experience in the field.

It would help a great deal in ensuring safety on the job site to give temporary hires a quick rundown on precautions that should always be in the back of their mind on the job site. The PlumbingPro team has seen many different claims since the program launched and educating summer help on the following is a good way to manage the risk and avoid claims altogether.


  • Avoid wearing loose clothing as they can get caught up in power tools.
  • Wear long pants, gloves, and sleeves to protect the skin from bacteria that forms in pipes that are wet and dark for years.
  • Wear eye protection when necessary (during demo work, soldering, cutting pipes, etc.)
  • When doing work that creates a lot of dust, wear a mask to prevent inhalation of hazardous materials in the air.

Always Respect Power Tools
Power tools are dangerous even in the hands of the most seasoned professional. The minute someone using a power tool gets careless is the minute they get hurt. Always proceed with caution when using power tools.

Be Wary of Other Utilities
If a job requires breaking down a wall, always be wary of other lines inside walls. Rupturing gas or power lines creates a very dangerous situation. If it does happen, shut down the gas line or breaker immediately.

Keep A Cool Head
Should an accident occur, do not panic. The plumber should be informed immediately should any accident take place.

Always remember before sending hired help out into the field with the plumbers that there’s a good chance that they are inexperienced in the industry. Teaching them these basic safety precautions can help prevent an accident from ever even happening.

Should an incident take place, make sure to have a program in place like PlumbingPro that is tailored to the needs of plumbing contractors.

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