July 23

Unique Risks of Display Professionals: Billboards

Display professionals working on a billboard face one of the highest amounts of risk in the Sign and Display industry. It is in the nature of billboard work to be high risk just because of the fact that a billboard worker’s job site can sometimes be over 100 feet off the ground.

Fall risk is the most obvious of the dangers involved in working on a billboard. However, there are many other hazards involved in the job that don’t involve a worker falling at all.

The team at SignagePro, a specialty insurance program designed specifically to service the Sign and Display industry, has accumulated a lot of knowledge over the years of insuring display professionals about the risks they face outside of the obvious risk of a simple fall due to human error.

What may seem like a nice breezy day on the ground could be a totally different story working on a billboard. When climbing to heights of over 100 feet, winds intensify. It doesn’t matter if the billboard is in the middle of a rural area or attached to a building in a city; the higher they go, the more intense the wind becomes. Billboard workers should always be cautious of the weather, and delay any work if the wind is too intense up on the billboard.

Being at height in any kind of storm is extremely unsafe, but in a lightning storm it is even more dangerous. Standing on a large conductor in a lightning storm is a huge risk and should be avoided as much as possible.

Structure Failure
Structure failure on a billboard can be very dangerous for the workers who may be servicing the sign and anybody who may be walking by below. It is imperative that the support structure on billboards be inspected on a regular basis to avoid what could be a very serious accident.

Slowly but surely, billboards are beginning to become digital throughout the country. Working in and around wiring causes a whole new set of risks for a billboard worker servicing the sign; because working around any electrical components means there is always a chance, due to either faulty wiring or human error, that an electrocution can take place.

These are just a few, but some of the most notable risks that billboard workers face day in and day out outside of falling. Being cautious and respecting mother nature in regards to wind, lighting, and other storms, inspecting structures for their integrity regularly, and being careful around the wiring of digital displays is an efficient and effective way to mitigate these exposures.

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