January 31

Landscaping Lawsuits: Limited Only By The Imagination

There are many obvious risks involved in the landscaping line of business. Some of these include property damage, employee injury, third party damage, etc. They are all very likely culprits of causing a landscaping business to have a claim against them, but sometimes accidents can take place that a business owner couldn’t see coming no matter how many precautions they take.

The following is an example of this type of claim:

A Fort Lauderdale, FL tortoise collector won a lawsuit against a landscaper that he claims killed a rare species of reptile while mowing his lawn.

It took the collector two years to obtain a one year old, 4 pound Aldabra tortoise, imported from an island in the Indian Ocean off the African Coast. The turtle would have grown to be 400 pounds in 25 years.

“They don’t come into this country very often, and when they do they go real fast and cost a lot of money,” said the collector, age 35. “The $1500 I paid was good, compared to other dealers who wanted $3000.”

He said he was devastated when the turtle was killed by a lawn mower shortly after he got it.

The Times Daily

If there’s one lesson that can be learned from this story, it’s this: No matter what safety precautions a landscaping business takes, accidents can and will happen. This story is from many years ago, the same case today could cost a landscaping business money into the five figure range. Unexpected incidents are reason enough to have an insurance program designed for the unique needs of landscapers.

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