February 11

Winter Tree Care

As the winter wears on, it brings two big things with it- cold and snow. These two elements add a lot of stress to trees, which can result in some serious damage. Broken, damaged, and decaying trees are all common around this time of year. You may want to prune trees before the winter time to prevent any breakage. If branches by your house, sidewalk, or car look dead, diseased, or unsafe, it is best to remove them before winter.

During the cold winter months, trees are in a dormant stage of growth, which makes it the ideal time for pruning. Be careful not to over prune, and never trim trees in bad weather conditions. Additionally, you may want to think twice before shaking snow and ice off drooping tree branches. Although your intent may be to dislodge the ice, the branch may be brittle due to the cold and may cause damage.


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