February 11

7 Tips for Safe Snow Blowing this Winter

With winter right around the corner, it can only mean one thing: snow, and lots of it. So before you take out your snow blower this year, be sure that you are following standard safety procedures. The most common injuries involving snow blowers are injuries to the hands and fingers, including amputation. These tips will help lower the risk of an accident happening to you or loved ones.

  1. Don’t wear loose fitting clothing. Pants, jackets, scarves, and other articles of clothing can all get caught in a snow blower’s engine.
  2. Wear ear protection. A gas powered snow blower can reach up to 85 decibels, which can be damaging to your ears.
  3. Remove anything in the area you will be clearing. Doormats, boards, wires, newspapers, and other items should be removed to avoid clogs.
  4. Never direct the chute toward people. Keep children and pets away from both the machine, as well as the area you will be clearing.
  5. Start the snow blower outside. Starting a gas-powered engine inside puts you at risk for carbon-monoxide poisoning. Do not start the machine in a closed area, such as a garage or shed.
  6. Be sure to turn off the engine before clearing a clog. Also be sure to use a cleaning tool to clear the clog, and NEVER use your hands or feet. You should always assume the engine is running.
  7. Wait until the engine is cool before refueling. This lowers the risk of igniting the gasoline. Be sure you have mixed fuel to the proper oil/gas ratio.

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