December 19

Recognizing Lawn Care Risks

Lawn care is one of the most utilized services by consumers involved in the landscaping trade. There is hardly a development one can drive through that’s not riddled with landscaping ventures mowing, edging, weeding, weed whacking, and treating customers’ lawns.

Being that lawn care is the most popular service paid for by customers, it is important for landscaping business owners to know the risks associated with it; seeing as how they have teams out and about day in and day out to take care of lawns.

Some of the exposures associated with lawn care that the team at LawnCarePro has come to see frequently in claims include:

Heat Exhaustion
Summers are getting hotter as they come and go. This summer has been especially hot with droughts and heat waves sweeping the country. Being out in the sun working all day on top of a machine whose engine throws off a fair amount of heat puts workers at risk of heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Landscaping business owners should make sure their employees are consuming a lot of water and taking breaks from the sun if they feel over heated.

Equipment Throwing Projectiles
Large mowers that are mowing near roads may kick up rocks or any other small object and throw them into the street. If a car happens to be passing by there can be damage done to the third party’s vehicle which will result in a claim against the landscapers. There’s not much that can be done to prevent this as it’s usually a freak accident and since the grass is long it is hard to see small rocks beneath.

Injury While Trying To Fix Equipment Jams
Equipment jams; it’s just the way of the world. However, workers attempting to fix jams can get seriously injured. Mower blades freeing up while someone is trying to fix the problem are more than capable of taking off an appendage. Workers should ALWAYS turn off machinery in order to straighten out a jam in the equipment.

Over Spraying of Pesticides and Herbicides
Over spraying of these chemicals can result in injury to the home-owner. For example, during the summer it is not uncommon for people to go out into their yard bare foot or in flip flops. If there is an over abundance of chemicals the person’s feet and legs could get burned. The same can go for pets who wander out into the yard as well.

These are a few examples of the risks faced by lawn care operations every day. Of course, the cause of a claim is only limited by one’s imagination. That’s why it is beneficial for lawn care operations to have an insurance policy like LawnCarePro, which is designed with the needs of lawn care professionals’ unique needs in mind.

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