April 23

Mitigating Excavation Site Risks

Land excavation is one of the most dangerous stages of any construction project. The use of large machinery and the extra men on the ground it takes to coordinate the work adds up to a lot of potential risk whether it is caused by an uncontrollable accident or human error.

Outside the risk of construction workers being injured is any potential property damage incurred as not all projects are done in wide open spaces. With the use of such large earth moving machines, it’s not all too uncommon for nearby property to sustain accidental damage in the process of the excavation.

The team at SitePro, one of the most comprehensive insurance programs available for contractors focused on site preparation and land improvement, has a vast array of experience in risk management of excavation ventures. We know that taking certain steps in safety and planning can help mitigate the dangers of working on an excavation site.

Some of these steps include:

Sounds an obvious one but people should be kept away from areas where excavations are in operation. This can be done by using barriers. A pedestrian exclusion zone should be created with barriers and tape to make sure pedestrians are kept away.

When carrying out any excavation work the excavator needs to have the best view around them and the driver needs to have as much clear vision as possible when operating the excavator.

Clearance Area
When slewing in a confined area a minimum tail swing should be used and is preferred. Clearance needs to be over 0.5m between any parts of the machine.

This is an important job which can minimize risk. The signaler should be in a safe place to direct the excavator operations and be aware and notify pedestrians in time for them to vacate the area.

Attachments and Bucket Attachments
These need to be secured and checked up on a couple times per day as a number of deaths have occurred when the bucket has fallen from the machine.


Keeping these steps and processes in mind on an excavation site is an effective way to mitigate the risks involved in the work.

In the occurrence of any accident on an excavation site, it’s always helpful for an excavation business owner to be covered by a team who knows the business inside and out.

For more information on excavation insurance, visit SitePro.

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